Current Software

At the moment, the only piece of software that I am actively supporting is the Malware Helper Workflow Tool (MHWT). The Malware Helper Workflow tool was a tool originally written by BillyO'Neal in 2008 from the Bleeping Computer forums. The program was written in VB.Net to aid malware helpers in preparing posts (also known as 'speeches') to users.

However, due to other commitments, he was not able to maintain the software, and hence, I volunteered to take over and to add extra features to the program. The MHWT includes a number of different features, such as the ability to store fixes, topic information, and other details. It also has a number of log-related functions such as a de-word wrapper for HijackThis! logs, a normalizer to convert log file names and paths into custom scripts.

During my time as a Malware Removal Expert at Bleeping Computer, I found the software to be very useful in organizing my work and I hope that others that use this software find it useful too.

Malware Helper Workflow Tool Screenshot

Click to download MHWT.

For bug reports, feature requests or anything else related to this software, please contact me.